How is your faith these days?

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How is your faith these days?

Post by Jscrig33 on Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:26 am

I must admit that I've been feeling that God as I thought I knew Him doesn't exist. I do believe in God, as creation is the evidence of His existence. It's just that this All Loving, All Seeing being doesn't seem to be all that Loving. And if he is then He can't be all that Seeing or he would put an end to this suffering for so many men, women and children. I can't even stand to be in a room with a person that is so sick that their suffering is unbearable, I just want to heal them if I could. Surely if God was all seeing and all loving He would have mercy on them. How many parents would take the suffering of their sick child upon themselves? We are God's children but yet He lets us suffer. Is He all that powerful?

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